May has been a bit of a blur. Here's a brief round-up.

April 28-May 7, 2016: I adjudicated the impressive, even thrilling crop of plays produced over the last season by the students at the the Arts Club Theatre's playwriting intensive, LEAP. I also had the pleasure of addressing this year's cohort on their first day.

May 2, 2016: Mexican Hooker #1, Carmen Aguirre's eagerly-awaited follow-up to Something Fierce, was already an internationally acclaimed bestseller a few weeks after its release. I got to introduce her at her Vancouver book launch. It was packed, of course. The people in the room included some of the Carmem's fellow Playwrights Theatre Centre Associates; her sister; and her first friend in Canada... as well as some people with personal connections to a central story in the book: the story of the infamous "Paper Bag Rapist". It was a moving night of reading... and, of course, salsa.

May 22, 2016: I Lost My Husband. My translation of Catherine Léger's J'ai perdu mon mari, commissioned by Ruby Slippers Theatre, received its first public reading as part of the Ta Gueule series in the rEvolver Festival at the Cultch (Vancouver, BC). My description: Evelyn loses her husband in a bar bet. And she's not too sure she wants him back. Fabulous cast; good turnout; and much, much laughter. And although Catherine couldn't make it from Montreal, she was well represented: her father happened to be visiting from Quebec!